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Natural Rights are Inalienable and Cannot be Removed


From a moral or ethical perspective, you have natural rights as a human being (and citizen, where relevant) that are superior to all human laws or anyone's feelings or opinions. No one in a position of power can deprive you of these rights provided you do not violate the natural rights of others or break the Social Contract.

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It does not matter whether you are liberal or conservative - you should know what your natural rights are so that you will know when they are being violated and know where the red lines are so that you won't violate the natural rights of others.


  • Life
  • Liberty
  • Physical Security
  • Pursue Happiness
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Equality
  • Fair Trial
  • Property
  • Vote for a Representative Government Within a Social Contract (for citizens only)

To repeat, this is a moral and ethical issue. Laws and legal opinions in different jurisdictions may certainly disagree; but when they do, they need to change to align with the reciprocal aspect of our natural rights if they expect to be viewed as ethical and moral systems.

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Natural Rights Are More Important Than Other Rights


Your natural rights are more important than any so-called "right" that is resource-dependent (need money to enforce) or agenda-driven (need an ideological ally in a position of power to enforce).

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Societies That Respect Natural Rights Succeed


The United States became the greatest nation in history because it gave the greatest respect to the natural rights of its citizens. The rest of the Anglosphere followed, but they placed limits to the Freedom of Speech and Physical Security natural rights of their citizens without first obtaining consent from the governed, thus operating outside a legitimate Social Contract.

Europeans followed, but they restricted the Pursue Happiness and Property natural rights of their citizens, again, without first obtaining consent from the governed.

This is why Americans are shocked at how restrictive Europe is to the rights that they take for granted in the US while Europeans are stunned at how much they are expected to do for themselves in America.

Countries that emulated the respect of these natural rights vault in peace, prosperity, and appeal. 

The facts on the ground are indisputable: Migration always leaves places with poor respect of natural rights to areas with greater respect.

It is easy to determine the economic and social success of any society by how those in positions of power and its laws respect the ten natural rights.

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Understand the Social Contract


The consent of the governed is fundamental to having a just and good society. 

Our Social Contract is an agreement wherein we grant the state the ability to deprive us of some of our natural rights in exchange for the greater good of the society (e.g., taxes, speeding tickets) and for the state to assume responsibility over some of our natural rights (such as the police for protection).

Unelected judges and government officials who create new laws that deprive the citizens of their natural rights; judges that annul public referendums or elections; and prosecutors and judges who do not enforce the just application of the law, break their end of the Social Contract.


This means the individual would no longer be bound by the limitations of the Social Contract if the violators are not punished for annulling the natural rights of the citizens.

To stave off the temptation to take the law into one's hands in response to unjust violations of one's natural rights; it is crucial to recall or fire anyone in a position of power who violates the terms of the Social Contract.

Those in power are servants of the public and the role of government is for the betterment of the public; it is not to preserve the power of those placed in positions of authority.

Our shirts give wearers the power to know their inalienable rights. You are telling the world that you stand for something and there will be consequences to any unjust violation of your natural rights. 

Make potential violators of your natural rights afraid to violate them.

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You Have Free Speech Rights


Your freedom speech is the expression of your thoughts - who you are as a person. 

They are part of your natural rights and cannot be punished by the state or by any expression of power or force in favor of the opinions, beliefs, or feelings of others.

It does not matter how offensive the words may be - provided the words do not violate the natural rights of others and they did not break the Social Contract where the citizens explicitly consented to subjecting their natural right to free speech in favor of a human law - no one, not a professor, activist, or even the President of the United States, can punish anyone for saying something they hate.

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Do What You Want Done to You


Our natural rights were developed using Jesus Christ's empathetic morality ("Do unto others what you want done to you").

It really is very simple: If you do not want your rights to be violated if you were in the situation of your opponent; don't violate their rights.

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