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The world has been trying to silence Christianity and the expression of Christian ethics within a Social Contract despite they have been the most transformative force for good in human history.

So overwhelming has Christianity's ethics triumphed that people in the West think its ethics are the natural state of humanity.

It's not. The natural state of humanity's nature has always been "Might makes right" where weak outsiders are always less valuable than powerful insiders. 

The West's usage of Christian morality made all equal - not even the president of the United States could deprive the weakest outsider of his or her natural rights.

But social media and internet giants have started abusing their platforms by blocking views they do not like. Governments, media, and academic establishments have been banning individuals and groups from the expression of their beliefs.

Our shirts bypass this censorship - the information can reach the public regardless of obstacles. There can be no "safe space" against the truth.

Share Objective Facts and Truth


We are living in an age of insanity, where objective facts don't matter when they conflict with a specific belief. This delusion cannot be sustained because at some point, the emperor will be exposed for not wearing any clothes.

"Boys have a penis; girls have a vagina" - Kindergarten Cop

Our civilization is based on objective facts that allow anyone to confirm they are valid. Facts do not care about one's hurt feelings and beliefs. No government can justly create a law that punishes someone for stating or believing an objective fact or truth.

Just remember, the pendulum always swings and those oppressed today may become the oppressors tomorrow. Without objective facts as the standard; there'll be nothing stopping the victimization of those who are currently victimizing others.

Combat Historical Revisionism


"Christianity is the enemy of science!"

Actually, no. Christianity was the one who not only midwifed modern science’s birth half a millennium ago; it fed, nurtured, educated, financed, promoted, and protected it to the point where it now dominates the world.

Virtually every prominent STEM figure before the mid-19th century was a Christian, with varying levels of fidelity. Christians invented and spread universities, printing press, public libraries, book publishing, public education, and general literacy. Christians also invented the learned societies - the single greatest accelerant for STEM improvements. 

But Christianity's contribution wasn't just in STEM; it provided the ethics for the recognition of our natural rights, governments, and judicial systems.

Also, the race and gender of those who changed the world for the better are irrelevant because it was the mindset, knowledge base, and environment that they shared that caused their contributions - and they were all due to the efforts and principles of Christianity.

Initiate Public Engagement


Our shirts are "sticky" - they contain text that encourages the reader to speak to the wearer - even if he or she is a stranger.

At the very least, the seed is planted and may be recalled when the need arises.

Become an Expert on Your Rights


The West is comprised of societies founded on the rule of law within a Social Contract. This means, as citizens, we've agreed to turn over parts of our natural rights to the state in exchange for a perceived greater good that is codified in a human law or regulation.

But when those placed in positions of authority violate the terms of the Social Contract - when they arrest those exercising their natural rights that they did not relinquish to the state; when they disregard the will of the citizens in referendums; when they create new laws that violate our natural rights; when they issue orders they have no authority to give; when they do not punish those who violate the natural rights of others - then these so-called "public servants" no longer serve by the will of the people. They've then acted like unaccountable masters - a role outside the Social Contract.

If they are not removed from power and punished for breaking the terms of the Social Contract, then it is annulled and the Constitution becomes worthless.

The rule of law that everyone is supposed to follow - from the president down to the humblest laborer - means nothing if those in positions of power can pick and choose which law to follow and which to ignore.

We are all supposed to be equal - and public servants are supposed to adhere to a stricter standard of adherence to the law. 

Challenge Smugness


A little knowledge is truly a dangerous thing. We are surrounded by so-called experts who make claims they cannot support.

Our shirts challenge the smugness - the shirt's page may also contain additional information validating the statements. The shirts expose frauds - the religious, academic, and even the obnoxious uncle at the family barbecue.

The wearer no longer needs to argue - just let the shirt do all the talking.

Thought-Provoking Conversation Starters

While there are many shirts that claim to be the "smartest"; only Brainy-Shirts provides specific information that is actually useful. 


1. Just by being born as a human, you have inherent, natural rights that no one can "justly" violate? And that the nations that gave the greatest respect to these rights became the most successful in history? 

2. Christianity is the source of the modern world's STEM disciplines and virtually every invention that makes your life worth living can be directly traced to someone influenced by the Christian message? 

3. Hospitals, vaccines, antibiotics, sanitation systems, and health care - the reason for the tripling of our life expectancy and hundred-fold reduction in infant mortality - are direct outcomes of work invented and refined by Christians over the centuries? 

4. Everything associated with literacy and education - universities, public schools, degrees, accreditation, public libraries, printing press, publishing houses, learned societies - were developed by Christians?

5. Atheism traps its followers into a logical fallacy corner by insisting one ignore astonishing complexity and empirical evidence pointing towards intelligent creation at a four sigma (4σ) confidence level (99.994% likelihood)?

6. Speaking of which, did you know there are FIVE pieces of empirical evidence that can be used to support the idea that God exists and two of these are specifically applicable to the "Christian God"?

7. The simplest taxonomy of Christianity is a grouping into five branches that encompasses over 99.5% of total adherents? Mormonism, the undeniable outlier denomination, is a separate branch due to sharing the core Christian beliefs (Jesus is God made flesh, the Son of God, only way of salvation, etc.) but does not have the other branch identifiers such as sola scriptura, jurisdictional boundaries, monarchical supremacy of the Bishop of Rome, and equality of the patriarchates.

8. Lastly, and most importantly, did you know that you, yes YOU, are incredibly valuable and are a potential heir of God who will share in Christ's rule over the whole universe as a physically-immortal and glorified being? When you see what God sees while looking in the mirror or at your worst enemy; then you will appreciate why the Bible repeatedly tells us to love one another and why it keeps insisting Christ's true followers will be transformed and share in the same mutual indwelling and oneness Jesus enjoys with the Father. 

About Us


Brainy-Shirts is the exclusive worldwide t-shirt printing provider of the copyrighted sayings and illustrations of Edward K. Watson ( the discoverer of the only empirical evidence that the Bible is a credible source of authority.

It provides pro-Christian t-shirts, pro-Western civilization, pro-human rights, pro-science, and pro-logic shirts. It also has pro-USA shirts and even some Trumpisms that are just hilarious!

Our Christian shirts show faith in Jesus Christ is logical. Using them tells the world you are not ashamed to be a Christian even though you are not perfect. They remind the wearer of the need to live the way Jesus expects us to live and of his expectation that we are to share the Gospel to all the world. 


Our shirts are designed to make people think. Expect to be approached and engaged in a conversation about them whenever you wear them in public.

They are also the first customized shirts that push back against one of the greatest lies of our times: the claim Christianity is anti-science. 

So, if you enjoy the fruits of modern science, try to be grateful to Christianity. The world would be a much darker place without its influence. 


Be kept in the loop whenever new designs are released - they're guaranteed to be thought-provoking!

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